Friday, November 19, 2010

At last..

Well here it is, Thanksgiving break. I finished school today and went home and packed to go to Albuquerque for the weekend. I am going to spend some time with my grandparents. It's always a fantastic time, and I know I am going to enjoy myself. I can't believe this semester is almost over. Honestly, I can't wait. I'm so tired. College was supposed to be great fun..and honestly, I can't stand it. I try to have a positive attitude, but it's just not what I expected. I thought I was going to come to school and make a lot of great friends, but so far it has been disappointing. I am frustrated, to say the least. Thoughts of transfer have crossed my mind, but I just don't know if that would make me any happier. I think I am just disappointed in myself. I always wanted so much more for myself than staying here in New Mexico. I had dreams of going to New York, I had dreams of even going to West Texas, and last but not least, I had dreams of going to University of Arizona. Never was my dream to be in Las Cruces...yet here I am. I feel like I didn't do enough to get where I had hoped..and now all I can think of is my disappointment. Las Cruces isn't the place for me...but I don't know what that place is. People probably just think I am whining, but if they really knew me, they'd know that I don't just whine about stuff like this. I know I have a good opportunity, but I'm just not happy. Sad as that is.

I'm hoping that over break, I will see my family and friends and obtain enough energy to get myself through the rest of the year. As of now, I'm going crazy and am kind of pushing people away. Even the best people in my life I'm constantly unsatisfied with. I don't know what the deal is, but I desperately want it fixed....

Sorry for the rant.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010


Well...I'm sorry I have been slacking so much, I just really haven't had a thing to say! My life is pretty bland right now, and I didn't really think it was worth blogging about. But I think I can scrape up a few things today. Today I went to an advisory meeting to talk about my classes for next semester. I changed my major last week from Psychology to Special Education/Elementary Education. I thought about it a lot, and I decided that ten years of school just was not the right path for me. Eventually I just want to be able to stay at home with my kids anyways, and what I was interested in with Psych just would not allow me that freedom. Being a teacher will be awesome. I love kids so much. They teach people more than anyone. They are so honest and loving.

Anyways, at my advising meeting two very exciting things happened. 1. My English 211 class is a topical class. So among topics like traveling, free will, western movies, and so on...I picked a class titled: Springfield- The Simpsons as Critique of Home and Family. I am super excited and I think it should be very entertaining. Also..I shouldn't have any classes on Friday!!! Hooray!

I am getting very very excited for Thanksgiving. I miss my family a lot, and being a college kid makes you appreciate good food more than anything else, I think. Also, the day after Thanksgiving, I will be working at the Santa Scene in the mall as photographer/cashier and potentially be dressing up as an elf. Who'd want to miss that? Ha. So all of you Roswellites should definitely come out to see THAT! :) I wouldn't mind the company at all.

Along with missing my family, I miss all of my friends! And I miss the Luévanos! [even though I count them as family] But really, I miss Travis James so so so so much! And Cody Meisel like crazy..I miss Chris Clees..I miss Natasha Suri..I miss Jason Butts! I just miss all the cool kids that aren't here in Las Cruces :(

I can't wait to see some of them.