Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Let the Rain Sing You A Lullaby

And that's exactly what I did today. After class, I took the most amazing nap. Rain just does that to me. It makes me want to curl up with a good book, or lay down and just sleep. It's the only time I can do that without feeling totally lazy. I love rain. Today, I especially loved it. I walked outside and felt how it was actually kind of chilly, and I was instantly excited. Winter is in sight. Heck, an actual FALL is in sight. I love the chilly seasons. The clothes are cuter and more comfortable, it comes with things like hot chocolate and snuggling, and people are far better looking when they aren't sweaty. It's just a better time, in my opinion.

 On a different note, this weekend I am caught between what to do. It's my little brother's first homecoming and I kind of want to go and see him off, not to mention embarrass the crud out of him and enlighten the fear of an older sister in the little girl's eyes. Ha. I'm protective. I can't help it. Also, there is a chalk art festival this weekend in Roswell as well. For the last two years I have participated and won awards. It's really therapeutic, and it sounds pretty good right about now. Here are a few pictures from some past stuff I have done.

 I don't exactly know what got me started on sidewalk chalk, but to this day it is my favorite way of doing art.

Other than this, I can spend a weekend in Cruces alone. I really haven't done that yet, and I know I need to eventually. Ha. Or I could go to Arizona and visit my friends there. I miss Travis, and I'd like to see him before my birthday! Oh well, I guess I have some things to think about as the week progresses.

I have absolutely nothing to write about now. I guess I will bring this to an end for today, and I will write again tomorrow, or whenever I have time. Wednesdays get pretty busy for me. Always a good day.


Listening To: I Summon You-Spoon


  1. I say come to Roswell for the side walk chalk art! We are planning on attending! :)

  2. Awe man! I said "Cheers"! I just noticed yours says "Cheers" Lol. I'm not a copy cat... promise! Lol.

    Cheers ;)